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Chaste Tree Berry: A Girl’s Best Friend

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  1. Parvinder #

    Hi there.
    This article was very helpful and articulate.

    Do you know what Chaste Tree’s energetics are according to Ayurveda? For example, do you know it’s effects on Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body. I am assuming that it’s cooling, and decreases wind, based on your article.


    November 9, 2010
    • blossomclinic #

      I don’t have enough experience with Ayurvedic herbalism to say for sure – However I would say that although related the energetics and properties of Vitex agnus-castus, Vitex rotundifolia, and Vitex Negundo (the east indian version) are different. Therefore I would be hesitant to try to apply them in the same way or assume that their energetics are the same. Historically the uses for these three have been different. I would say that Vitex Agnus-castus courses Liver qi and nourishes Yin or engenders health fluids. I don’t find that it clears wind – however Vitex rotundifolia does. As far as what Vitex Negundo does I would say it is also cooling and perhaps clears damp heat. But this is a guess based on it’s traditional usage for rhuematism.

      Best, Rylen

      November 12, 2010

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